The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) relies heavily on corrugated plastic containers, or postal totes, for collecting, sorting and transporting mail nationwide.

The major reasons the USPS has been using plastic mail totes for many years includes:

  1. They stand up to tough USPS standards. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor inferior, second-rate containers will get in the way of mail delivery. Plastic postal totes deliver when it comes to the fast-paced, high-volume work performed daily by the USPS. And they can work for your business for these same reasons.
  2. They’re very sturdy. They stand up to constant, high volume use and the bumps and scrapes that go with it. Steel rod reinforcements make them even stronger and capable of carrying heavy loads.
  3. They’re lightweight. That makes them easy to handle. The job of handling them is made even easier by the cut-out handles that are a key feature of their design.
  4. They offer the best strength-to-weight ratio. Combine their durability and light weight, and you have plastic containers and postal totes that offer the greatest strength per unit of weight — that is, the best strength-to-weight ratio. That gives you the best of both worlds: a robust container capable of standing up to the rigors of the Postal Service’s work flow, yet light enough for easy handling.
  5. They last hundreds of uses. Because of their durable construction and design, corrugated plastic mail totes, trays, tubs and containers can be used hundreds of times.
  6. They’re economical. Because they last much longer than cardboard trays and totes, plastic mail totes save the U.S. Postal Service money. And the same can be true for your business, as plastic mail totes offer a low per-use cost–compared to the one-time use of corrugated cardboard containers. Cardboard may cost less initially, but not when you factor in the much greater bang for your buck you get over the life of a plastic tote.
  7. They’re 100 percent recyclable. And that’s important to the U.S. Postal Service, which has put a big priority on recycling and responsible use of resources to reduce landfill waste. When a corrugated plastic mail tote comes to the end of its useful life, the plastic is ground up and turned into new plastic to make new totes or other products.
  8. They’re nestable. When not in use, corrugated plastic mail trays, tubs and totes conveniently nest in one another, stacking up to make the best use of storage space.
  9. They’re weather and water resistant. Unlike cardboard boxes and totes, plastic mail totes resist water and protect their contents from damage. They also handle extreme temperatures.
  10. They’re available in many sizes. Postal totes come in many standard sizes and can be custom made in any size for unique applications.

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