Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) and carousels are designed to maximize effective use of area in producing and distribution facilities with a high storage density, moving large volumes of elements and product in and out.

These systems’ economical use of area will be more maximized by selecting suitably sized and designed plastic containers, totes and bins that fit the storage and retrieval system well and are the right size for the keep elements and product. This enables facilities to scale back wasted area and to extend effective storage capability.

Plastic storage bins made by Flexcon Container, for instance, helped a manufacturer increase storage capacity in its automated storage and retrieval units by more than 19 percent, according to an article in Modern Materials Handling.

Flexcon corrugated plastic bins, totes and containers are designed to optimize use of on the market cube in carousel systems, reducing wasted space, common with other choices, by 15 to 20%.

But size and match aren’t the only issues in selecting containers for ASRS systems and carousels. Strength, deflection and impact resistance also are key attributes to contemplate. For these and other reasons, corrugated plastic containers are glorious candidates for ASRS systems and carousels, both vertical and horizontal.

Why are corrugated plastic containers the right selection for ASRS systems and carousels?

ASRS Totes

Their benefits include:

1. While increasing space usage, they minimize damage to materials and merchandise throughout storage and handling as they are more sturdy and impact resistant than wrought plastic containers. They stand up well under constant handling by robotic ASRS instrumentality. And unlike wrought plastic, which will crack on impact, corrugated plastic containers resist tears and punctures.

2. They reduce prices as they last longer due to their sturdiness.

3. For custom sized and designed containers required for specialized applications, corrugated plastic containers supply the advantage of requiring less development time than wrought plastic containers–since they don’t need creation of a mold. Likewise, corrugated plastic containers need less production time than wrought plastic containers. Production time for molded plastic will be nearly 5 times longer.

4. They’re lightweight, contributing to the potency of ASRS systems. They help maximize pick rates.

In addition, corrugated plastic containers created by Flexcon feature:

1. Pitched drain holes to prevent collapse of a storage and retrieval system in the event a sprinkler system goes off.

2. Ergonomic style for the economical operation of carousel systems.

3. Design that prevents components migration.

4. Capability of being partitioned to meet changing components storage needs.

To learn more about the advantages of corrugated plastic containers, call Flexcon now at 908-871-7000. Our container specialists are prepared to help you choose the most effective solutions for ASRS and carousel systems.