Many manufacturing, warehousing and logistics companies are making the transition from corrugated paper boxes and containers to reusable corrugated plastic bins and packaging for storage and handling. Companies are realizing that the corrugated plastic alternative is more durable, long lasting, and more cost effective — among many other advantages.

They are also finding that corrugated plastic containers have more to offer than molded plastic containers. The plastic containers made by Flexcon can help business take advantage of their factory space and decrease errors and damage to materials and products during storage, material handling and shipping.

Corrugated plastic totes and molded plastic totes and bins share a few of the same advantages over corrugated paper containers, such as:

  • They are reusable and have a longer life span, delivering long-term savings. They commonly last for 20 to 100 uses, as opposed to the one-and-done service of a corrugated paper box.
  • They minimize waste, save landfill space and cut the cost of disposal compared to corrugated paper containers, which must be disposed of or recycled on a much more frequent basis.
  • They are waterproof and resist most chemicals. This contributes to longer life and provides superior protection of the materials and products they hold. Corrugated plastic and molded plastic containers stack well and hold up in environments where corrugated paper, or cardboard, boxes fail.

For corrugated plastic, there are more advantages.

However, corrugated plastic offers users far more payoffs than molded plastic. For instance, corrugated plastic:

  • Resists tears and punctures, in contrast to molded plastic, which cracks on strong impact.
  • Weighs less than molded plastic, making corrugated plastic totes and bins easier for workers to move, while reducing shipping costs.
  • Decreases time required to develop customized container designs for specialized uses and products. Molded plastic requires more development time due to design and production of molds.
  • Requires less production time than molded plastic. Production of molded plastic containers can take as much as five times longer.
  • Streamlines conversion from corrugated paper to plastic containers, compared to making the shift from corrugated paper to molded plastic containers. Corrugated plastic easily takes the place of corrugated paper, eliminating the need to change material handling processes. It’s easy to score, crease, fold, drill and stitch — and fits right in where corrugated paper containers had been used.
  • Results in less work interruption and downtime than molded plastic or corrugated paper containers. Corrugated paper containers are vulnerable to breakage, and molded plastic isn’t as resilient to impact as corrugated plastic.
  • Comes in a greater variety of in-stock colors than molded plastic — and certainly more than corrugated paper boxes.

Plus, Flexcon offers corrugated plastic containers in more than 6,000 sizes. Call Flexcon today at 908-871-7000, and talk with one of our container experts, who will help you choose the best solutions for your material handling and storage needs.