Corrugated plastic postal totes are designed and manufactured to U.S. Postal Service specifications and dimensions. But they provide numerous benefits for a wide range of uses in addition to mail handling–in the office, warehouse, logistics and industrial production. They also are designed for use in automated retrieval and storage systems.

You can find a complete range of mail containers on Flexcon Container’s dedicated postal tote website. They come in a wide range of standard sizes and colors and can be customized for specific applications and to match branding standards.

Mail Containers Offer Long-lasting Durability

Corrugated postal totesCorrugated plastic mail totes, bins, trays and containers are lightweight and made with cut-out handles on ends, making them easy to carry. And our corrugated plastic postal totes and containers are also tough. They stand up well to impact. Steel rod reinforcements make them even stronger, capable of handling heavy loads.

Corrugated plastic mail totes also resist dust, dirt, moisture, oils and many chemicals. Their surfaces are smooth, making them easy to clean.

Pitched drain holes in the bottoms of Flexcon’s full range of containers—including flat tubs, mail bins, mail trays and postal totes—enable water to drain out and prevent collapse of storage systems in the event that fire suppression sprinklers are set off. This is why most insurance companies require use of containers made with drainage holes.

Flexcon mail containers also reduce fire hazards. They are made of plastic resin material that meets UL94HB flame class for fire retardancy.

Plastic Postal Totes Friendly to the Environment and Your Budget

postal-totesOur space age containers are nestable. They fit inside one another to save space when not in use. And our nestable mail totes easily unstack when you need to put them to work.

And when in use in carousels or other storage systems, Flexcon mail bins, totes and containers maximize available cube. They greatly optimize use of space to maximize the amount of product that can be handled and stored. Competing container options can waste 15 to 20 percent of shelf space.


Because they’re 100 percent recyclable, Flexcon corrugated plastic mail containers are earth friendly, conserving valuable resources. They can be used hundreds of times, unlike corrugated cardboard containers, which typically must be discarded after a single use.

The long-lasting durability of corrugated plastic mail totes also helps conserve your material handling budget.

postal totesFlexcon postal containers are well suited to a wide range of automated retrieval and storage systems. They’ve been used in more than 8,000 carousel systems. Features that make them ideal for automated systems include:

  • Static resistance, preventing static charge buildup when a storage and retrieval system is in motion
  • Design that helps prevent part migration and maximize pick rates
  • Capability of being divided for optimal flexibility as your parts storage and retrieval needs evolve

To find the right corrugated plastic postal containers for your material handling needs, contact a Flexcon sales representative today.