Healthcare administrators can come under fire for the inefficient management of medical inventory, resulting in too much spending on supplies. Hospitals are already tightening their belts amidst the rising costs due to supply chain issues. Improved efficiency of digital medical inventory is key. Unfortunately, some still undertake this responsibility using manual, time-consuming processes and are subject to human error. 

How can the digital management of medical inventory help the healthcare industry? Further, how can sustainable material handling solutions, like the RSC Box, improve the delivery of supplies in the healthcare industry? 

How Do Hospitals Track Medical Inventory? 

At times, medical institutions track equipment and supplies using outdated means like paper lists, lengthy spreadsheets and legacy software systems. The problem with methods like these is that over time, it’s easy for such manual inventory management systems to become unorganized, inaccurate or siloed. Due to HIPAA and other regulations, access between end users and data is less than desirable.

This typically results in more time and money being spent on inventory-related tasks and less time focusing on core responsibilities such as patient care. This is where digital inventory management comes in, streamlining the process. 

How can digital management of medical inventory help the healthcare providers? 

1. Saves Time (Through Automation) 

Picture a scenario where the administrator puts together a list of equipment and tools needed for each appointment, assigns them to specific doctors, and compiles reports on utilization and maintenance for each department. Using manual inventory management systems such as spreadsheets and paper trails can make it challenging to efficiently allocate, track, and maintain these tools and equipment. 

With a digital hospital inventory management system, the process is more streamlined. Things are much easier given that inventory items are tagged with unique barcodes and QR codes for easy tracking. Hospital staff can easily scan medical tools and supplies, checking them in or out, to maintain a reliable database and improve processing times. 

2. Have Medical Assets on Hand When Needed 

Doctors dealing with several emergency situations, most of which require expensive medical equipment such as infusion pumps and PET scanners, need to know that these devices are well maintained. Given the limited lifespan of electronic equipment, there’s a need for them to be cycled out to remain compliant with medical standards. Given the constant flow of patients, hospitals require robust systems to flag items due for maintenance, replacement and provide enough lead time to purchase and receive those replacements. 

Digital inventory management software eliminates bottlenecks across the board and ensures that all the equipment and resources needed for various medical procedures are always available. Readiness saves lives. 

3. Improves Reliability 

Hospital equipment needs to run under all conditions. Of course, mitigation plans for unexpected scenarios such as power outages are in place. Even so, frequent maintenance and proper storage are integral to success. 

Advanced technology combined with storage systems, such as RSC Boxes, protects products and equipment sustainably. Corrugated plastic with attached fold-over lid technology, helps to keep devices clean and small items safely contained. Corrugated plastic containers are reusable and both durable and easy to sanitize.

4. Eliminates Expired Injectables and Medicines 

Medical stock often has a limited shelf life, after which they need to be properly disposed of. There are even items that need to be stored at specific temperatures and inside specialized storage equipment to ensure that they don’t get damaged. 

With a digital inventory management system using QR codes, hospital staff can easily monitor them from their time of procurement to consumption and send alerts when a given item is on the brink of expiry. The added protection of coded containers helps hospitals maintain the highest levels of care while avoiding mistakes and the potential for patient injury. 

5. Bolster Security via Inventory Check-Ins 

Medical institutions are complex entities that cater to all kinds of patients. Because of this, they are flooded with a wide range of machines and tools with specific functions, specifications, and storage instructions. Without reliable software to ensure that these different items are organized, things can get misplaced, broken, or even lost easily. A standardized digital medical inventory software can prevent such incidents by allowing staff to trace the ownership of all hospital assets to a centralized database. 

What Are Some Inventory Management Upgrades for Material Handling? 

If you manage inventory in a hospital, warehouse, or any other type of facility, chances are that you handle a lot of materials and products. One of your roles is to ensure that materials aren’t damaged while in storage. Without proper material handling equipment, your products are more likely to get damaged and consequently derail your service delivery or productivity targets. 

That said, some of the common inventory management upgrades for material upgrades include RSC boxes, bins, totes, and pallets. 

What Is an RSC Box and How Is It Used? 

RSC (regular slotted container) is a type of shipping box that has four flaps that meet and can be taped closed. These boxes don’t need aided tooling and are usually great protection from contaminants and damage. RSC boxes are available in different designs, colors and sizes–you can therefore choose the right size for your specific application. 

Besides healthcare, RSC boxes can be used in many other industries, including things like manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, electronics, and automotive. 

The Road Ahead 

Regardless of the industry, RSC boxes are gradually gaining prominence as the go-to material handling solution, given their versatility, durability, and exceptional scalability. 

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