It’s essential to have the right postal bins when moving mail around a facility. Postal bins provide the most benefit to companies when they are are cost-effective, durable, and sustainable. The type of bins in use will have a direct impact on the company’s overall operations. Today, let’s look at ten areas of consideration that can help you choose the right postal bins for your company!

(1.) Understanding the Importance of Postal Bins in Efficient Mail Handling

Postal bins are primarily used to carry mail in bulk. Although the terms ‘postal bin’ and ‘mail totes’ are commonly used interchangeably, there are actually notable differences between these two products. Mail totes are generally small containers used to separate stacks of mail. Postal bins hold large quantities of parcels for different areas or regions, making sorting letters and packages easier. 

(2.) Assessing Your Mail Volume and Requirements

Analyzing the volume of mail a business will expect to receive in a given period of time can help businesses determine the appropriate number of postal bins to order. Understanding what type of items will be brought in and sent out can help companies maintain the containers while moving and organizing the mail. Other factors can include determining how many locations within the business will require postal bins. 

(3.) Choosing the Right Size and Capacity of Postal Bins

Two important elements businesses should plan for are the size and number of items that need to be stored in each postal bin. The key here is to figure out what will be stored in the containers and how mail and packages will be stacked and sorted. Another important consideration is how the bins will move around the company. These are all essential questions to answer when deciding what types of bins to order.

(4.) Considering Durability and Material Quality

If you expect to reuse your postal bins, durability is crucial. One of the most resilient materials that can be used is corrugated plastic. This type of plastic has several features that make it more durable than other materials. Some of these features include:

  1. Sustainability: Corrugated plastic can be reused for multiple purposes. This material makes it easier for bins to be properly cleaned while also offering a degree of waterproofing that will keep the contents safe against the elements.
  2. Durability: This material is also known for its strength and flexibility. It can handle large quantities of items while also keeping them secure during transport.
  3. Customizable: With corrugated plastic, companies have a wide variety of styles and features they can select from. Reusable corrugated plastic can be customized specifically to the requirements of any business.
  4. Cost-Effective: Because reusable plastic containers can be efficiently cleaned and maintained, they will need to be replaced much less often than bins made of other materials. This helps save money on overall transportation and storage budgets.

Corrugated plastic postal bins offer companies a way to keep production at an optimal level while enhancing any storage or delivery systems you already have in place!

(5.) Exploring Different Types of Postal Bins for Various Items

Several bins types are available and each has its own standard use case within a business. Here are a few of the many container types available :


With a reinforced frame and handles, postal trays provide an ideal option for dividing and transporting sorted mail throughout a facility. These postal bins are easy to use and carry while ensuring mail and packages get to the right destination.

Nestable Postal Bins

One way to effectively carry larger quantities of parcels is with nestable postal bins. Nestable containers can be stacked on top of each other, allowing for easier access to frequently used items. 

Tiered Lockable Totes

L-lock containers make an excellent way to securely ship packages and other necessary parcels to various locations. The totes come in different sizes and styles according to what items need to be shipped.

Choosing postal bins that meet the specific requirements of your facility will ensure a smooth process every time!

(6.) Examining Security Features for Confidential or Valuable Mail

Features such as waterproofing, locking mechanisms, and added durability all help to ensure the safe transfer of high-valued parcels. Many postal bins come with various components designed to protect the items they hold. 

(7.) Evaluating Accessibility and Ease of Use

For some companies, making mail easily accessible can help overall operations run smoothly and efficiently. A key strategy is to consider the areas in which they will be stored and the process for moving mail throughout the business.

(8.) Reviewing Customization Operations for Branding and Organization

Not every business is the same. That’s why postal bins should be customized according to what they store and how they are shipped. Putting a company logo on shipping boxes made of sustainable materials will show customers that the business cares about what products they use and puts effort into being environmentally-friendly.

(9.) Comparing Pricing and Cost-Effectiveness

By determining the length of time the bins will be in use and the initial cost, businesses can get a better understanding of the total expense associated with replacing your containers with better products. Businesses should also try to understand how often the containers will be used and let this guide their decision.

(10.) Other Considerations Before Making a Decision

Looking at all of the features and sizes available will help you determine whether you’ll be able to integrate postal bins into your company’s daily operations. Here are a few key details that facilities should consider when choosing:

  • Durability
  • Capacity
  • Handling Capability
  • Stackability

Postal bins provide numerous benefits that can help businesses maintain efficiency and make mailroom operations more cost-effective!

Whether you’re looking for small trays or large containers, Flexcon has postal bins that can benefit your company. We help businesses choose products that can be implemented within the systems they already have in place, ensuring that no business disruptions occur when containers are upgraded. Contact our team to learn more about what we can do for you!