With the pandemic under control, the hospitality industry is experiencing a market rebound. Demand for hospitality services expands each day as people gather the confidence to spend time in social places. The trend calls for rebranding, renovating, and expanding existing space to accommodate the increasing demand. However, business owners and managers must not forget the supply chain side of the business. Using supply closets, well-arranged storerooms, and supply boxes like the RSC Box for Hospitality, streamlines the supply chain in the industry. In addition to the storage of supplies, firms in the hospitality industry must also look into logistical excellence that enhances end-to-end supply chain visibility.   

As the hospitality industry recovers from the effects of the pandemic, industry actors must prepare for a new approach to business. You must adjust to the new normal and varied customer expectations. But as Sir Richard Branson puts “The key is to set realistic customer expectations and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.” You should work on your logistics, customer service, cash flows, workforce, and workplace management to remain relevant in the industry. Here we look at growth in the industry and what lies ahead after the pandemic with a bias on logistics. 

Hospitality Industry Growth Factors for The Days Ahead

Regardless of the line of operation, each player in the hospitality industry must incorporate some elements of logistics and supply chain management. Indeed, hotels and other hospitality businesses depend on suppliers to sustain their operations. Logistics and supply chain management in the hospitality industry play critical roles in maintaining a firm’s competitive advantage. Global economic recovery means the hospitality industry is expected to grow exponentially. Business owners may need to renovate or expand their premises to accommodate the influx of customers. This article provides tips on logistic and supplies chain management in renovation/expansion projects and day-to-day operations.

The Logistical Excellence in The Hospitality Industry

Whether you take a renovation/expansion or operations perspective for your already established hotel business, you require efficiency in logistics management. You must make innovative approaches to logistics management to overcome hurdles that may derail your objectives. One of the methods of enhancing logistic excellence is promoting end-to-end visibility. 

End to End Visibility

Sometimes abbreviated as E2E, end to end means enhancing transparency right from the ordering point to receiving the supplies. You require to trace the order from the drafting of the purchase order to the shipment of the goods. If you have a 3PL arrangement, the procurement company should handle the visibility elements of your order. However, if you rely on your firm’s procurement department, the professionals should get regular updates about the order.

Enhancing visibility in logistic and supply chain management allows your team to identify early warnings for timely adjustments. You can use tracking software to help your department streamline the end-to-end visibility.

 Tracking software can also help in forecasting changes in the supply chain. The software helps you to know when there is port congestion and container shortages, which may impact the supply chain. The software also allows you to forecast supply changes for various items. It can also help you take advantage of low prices for in-season supplies. 

If you operate through a third-party logistics company, they will also work to get you the best shipping rates. However, if you work through your procurement department, you may need to sample a few shipping companies to get the best rate. Other ways of streamlining your logistics and supply chain include;

  • Planning transportation of the supplies ahead of time 
  • Utilize warehousing facilities 
  • Approach delays proactively 
  • Carry out a quality assurance at each stage of the supply chain 
  • Preservation of freshness and shelf life

Plan Your Transportation Ahead of Time

Forecasting the supply requirement for your project or operations allows you to make transportation arrangements early enough. You may also have to communicate with the suppliers to learn when the supplies are ready. When you plan your transportation ahead, you eliminate the risk of idle time due to breakdowns in the supply chain or select cheaper transport means.

Utilize Warehousing Facilities

A warehouse helps to eliminate delays in the supply chain. If you have a well-managed warehouse, you can deal with unexpected demands or continue your operations during unforeseen hitches in the logistics and supply chain. The warehouse also helps to eliminate idle time in an expansion or renovation project. 

Approach Delays Proactively

Sometimes delays in the supply chain are inevitable. However, the manner in which you handle a delay defines how well you navigate through its ripple effects. To effectively pull out of a delay, you need to contact everyone in the supply chain. A logistic solution company can do the hard work for you, but you may have to call every stage if you do not have assistance. 

Carry Out a Quality Assurance at Each Stage of the Supply Chain

Your supplies go through various stages before getting to your warehouse or store. You should carry out a quality assurance examination at each stage of the supply chain to spot issues before it is too late. A 3PL company can be a resource in quality assurance checks since they have an obligation to deliver quality goods.

Preserve Freshness and Shelf Life Using RSC Boxes for Hospitality

As the industry recovers, you will have to deal with different customer perceptions. The biggest concern today is handling supplies in the food and beverage sector. Your customers expect you to maintain a specific level of cleanliness right from the warehouse to the restaurants. You also need to maintain the freshness of perishables. The RSC Box system provides an efficient method of handling and preserving supplies in the hospitality industry. 

The RSC box for hospitality allows for efficient use of the QR code inventory management systems and optimizes storage space utilization. The boxes also fit well in a container system of transportation. For more information on the role of logistic and supply chain management and the RSC Box system, contact us today.