Did you know that the first postal service in the United States was established in 1775 by Benjamin Franklin, who was appointed the first Postmaster General? At that time, mail was transported by horse and carriage and was often lost or stolen along the way. Fast-forward to modern times, and mail-tote solutions have revolutionized how mail is transported and sorted. With the help of modern technology, mail totes can now be equipped with tracking devices, making it easier to keep track of mail and ensure that it reaches its destination safely and on time. Mail totes come in different colors and designs, making them more cheerful and colorful. Also, they are not limited to use in the post office. Mail totes can be a solution for educators, medical and healthcare facilities, food service operations, and in many other industries.

What Are Mail Totes Solutions?

Mail tote solutions are a collection of tools, strategies, and technologies intended to improve the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of mail sorting and delivery. These solutions include using specialized containers, such as mail totes, to transport and securely store mail items. Mail totes are made of durable plastic and feature handles for easier transport. They come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different mail items, from letters and small packages to large envelopes and bundles of mail. The totes may be color-coded to indicate the type of mail they contain or the destination they are headed to. One of the main advantages of mail tote solutions is that they allow for faster and more accurate mail sorting. Rather than sorting mail item by item, postal workers can use the totes to sort groups of mail items by destination or by other criteria. These totes help streamline the sorting process, reduce errors, and speed up delivery times.

Mail tote solutions are compatible with technologies such as tracking systems, RFID, barcode scanners, and automated sorting machines. These tools allow postal workers to quickly and accurately identify and sort mail items, reducing the likelihood of lost or misrouted mail. Beyond the products and strategies used in mail tote solutions, there are broader trends developing in the mail industry, driving innovation and change. Sustainability concerns have led to the development of more environmentally-friendly packaging materials and delivery methods.

Why Has Shipping Been Ignored in the Past?

Shipping is seen as a behind-the-scenes process that is not directly visible to the end customer, despite its importance to businesses and the global economy. The shipping industry is responsible for over 80% of the world trade volume. For example, a customer who orders a product online may be unaware of the complex supply chain and logistics involved in getting that product to them. It leads to a lack of awareness and appreciation for the importance of shipping in the overall business process.

Another factor contributing to the neglect of shipping is the relatively low cost of fuel and transportation. Historically, gas prices have been more reasonable, which has made shipping costs seem less significant in the overall business equation. However, with rising fuel and transportation costs in recent years, shipping has become a more pressing concern for businesses looking to reduce costs and maintain profitability.  Businesses may have prioritized other urgencies over shipping, such as marketing, product development, or customer service.

Why are Shipping Rates Going Up?

As fuel prices rise, so too does the cost of transporting goods, since shipping companies need to cover their fuel expenses. Fuel costs can vary depending on several factors, including global oil prices, supply and demand, and geopolitical events. Rising fuel prices can lead to higher shipping rates for businesses and consumers. In recent years, there has also been a shortage of carriers and truck drivers. This has resulted in increased competition for available resources. It has led to higher prices as shipping companies need to offer more competitive rates to attract carriers and drivers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed to rising shipping rates and disrupted global supply chains, causing shortages of key resources. For example, many shipping companies have had to reduce their capacity or suspend operations due to the pandemic, which has led to increased competition for available resources and higher prices.

Invest in Corrugated Plastic Mail Totes and Save Money

Investing in corrugated plastic mail totes can be a smart way to save money in the long run. Corrugated plastic mail totes are highly reusable. Unlike cardboard or other single-use packaging materials, corrugated plastic totes can be used repeatedly, reducing the need for constant replacement and disposal. Additionally, corrugated plastic mail totes are highly durable. They are made from a strong, lightweight material that can withstand frequent use and transportation rigors. This feature can reduce the need for repairs or replacement, lowering the total cost of ownership for these totes.

Finally, these mail totes can be easily cleaned and sanitized. This helps to ensure they remain hygienic and safe for use, even in environments where cleanliness and hygiene are of the utmost importance.

Achieve Total Efficiency in Your Environment With Postal Totes

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