The postal bin may seem like a relatively mundane object, but in every logistics center and supply chain hub where packages and parcels are constantly coming and going, it plays a critical role in smoothing operations. Postal bins, also called postal totes or handling trays, are containers used to store and transport various items, such as retail inventory, mail, packages, parcels, and office supplies. 

The significance of postal bins in logistics and supply chain management is frequently underestimated, despite their direct effect on a company’s operations and profitability. Read on to learn more about how postal totes are used in logistics and supply chains and how choosing the right totes—durable, sustainable, and cost-effective—can help businesses improve, not just in terms of overall productivity and efficiency, but in other areas as well.

Postal Bins Facilitate Collection and Sorting Processes

Mastering the collection and sorting process is key for any business operating within the logistics and supply chain sector. Let’s examine how postal bins can facilitate a better collection and sorting process:

Package Collection

At the beginning of a supply chain, packages and goods are collected from different manufacturers and suppliers from different points of origin and then prepped for further transportation. Postal bins help streamline the collection process by providing a secure and orderly way to gather and hold these items. The bins are also mostly stackable or cross-stackable, making it easier to move or store items.    

Package Sorting and Separating Items Based on Destination or Tracking Number

Once the items are collected, they are sorted into categories by weight, destination, size, priority, etc., ready for the next stage in the distribution process. Each postal bin is labeled or tagged with a tracking number or destination code to help quickly identify each item’s category.

Package Staging

Postal bins are also a great option for product staging. They can help achieve a neat and organized presentation to get professional-looking photos and videos for marketing purposes.

Postal Totes Enable Secure Transportation From Logistics Centers

After the items are collected and sorted, they are loaded onto trucks, vans, trains, or planes and transported to their respective destinations. It’s always a good idea to load delivery vehicles based on the planned delivery route. Loaders use destination codes on the postal bins to organize the cargo cabin such that the packages to be dropped off first are closest to the exit. 

Another important consideration is the safety of items during transit. Luckily, postal totes can be placed on each other to form secure and stable stacks, minimizing the risk of damage and maximizing space utilization.

Postal Bins Help Organizations Store and Handle Inventory 

Efficient inventory management is a crucial piece of logistics and supply chain operations. Postal bins play a significant role by providing a structured system for storing and organizing items. They allow for faster location and identification of specific products, improving overall inventory control.

Postal bins can be used in a variety of commercial settings, such as in warehouses, store rooms, or retail outlets. Their versatility allows businesses to optimize storage space and improve material handling processes.

Postal Bins Simplify Tracking and Security 

Tracking Mechanisms (e.g., Barcodes, RFID Tags)

Postal bins are pivotal to not only a simplified tracking process, but for enhancing security within the supply chain industry as well. Through the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies like barcodes and RFID tags, these bins enable real-time monitoring of goods, leading to more efficient inventory management and reduced incidents of theft. 

The heightened visibility these tracking mechanisms offer can help businesses identify and address potential bottlenecks, while the added security features act as strong deterrents against unauthorized access and tampering. The traceability and accuracy of delivery times provided by these systems will ultimately enhance customer satisfaction. At the same time, the data-driven insights generated by this level of tracking can allow businesses to make informed decisions and continually optimize their supply chain processes.

Streamlining Inventory  Delivery in Small Retail Outlets

Unloading and Sorting Bins at Destination Points

When shipments arrive, the standardized design of postal bins allows for an organized unloading and sorting process. Retail staff can quickly identify and categorize items, expediting the distribution process and ensuring that products are readily available for final delivery.

Processing Items for Final Delivery 

Postal bins provide small retail outlets with a practical solution for improving their delivery preparation processes. Using postal bins, businesses can implement new organizational systems that will allow retail staff to quickly assemble and prepare orders for shipping. By streamlining the ordering process, retailers can more easily meet delivery deadlines, ensuring shipments are being sent to customers in a timely manner. This simplified approach saves time and enhances customer satisfaction by delivering products promptly.

Reverse Logistics for Collecting Returned Items 

A seamless return process is not only integral to maintaining a healthy supply chain but also imperative for ensuring optimal customer satisfaction. Postal bins are a great way to facilitate quicker reverse logistics when collecting returned items. When customers initiate product returns, the standardization provided by using postal bins simplifies the collection and transportation process. Efficient reverse logistics ensure that returned products are promptly received and processed, allowing retailers to manage their inventories more effectively and restock returned items faster.

Corrugated Plastic Makes Postal Bins Highly Reusable and Sustainable

Corrugated plastic postal bins are a reliable and practical choice for a variety of shipping needs. The durability and resilience, even in the face of exposure to various environmental conditions, makes postal bins a sensible option for many types of businesses. These bins are also easy to clean, ensuring for safe and hygienic reuse in future shipments. 

The recyclable nature of corrugated plastic aligns with the principles of a circular economy, demonstrating a commitment to environmentally friendly practices. With cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness combined, these bins offer a reliable and responsible solution for efficient shipping and receiving processes.

Get Postal Bins that Suit Your Business Need

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