For many organizations, a cluttered mail room is par for the course. No wonder you hear people complaining about mis-routed mail. With plastic mail totes, sorting, storing, and transporting mail has never been easier.

These plastic totes will not only keep your mailroom organized but also cut the costs of shipping and managing your mailroom. Read on to understand why your organization needs plastic mail totes going forward.

What is a Plastic Mail Tote?

Plastic mail totes are containers for storing, sorting, or transporting mail. Manufacturers make mail totes from corrugated plastic, a durable and long-lasting material. The totes are an alternative to paper and cardboard mail organizers.

Plastic mail totes have many advantages over totes made of other materials. Plastic is sturdier and lighter. Thus, your company will reuse plastic totes many times. Employees will also find our totes are easier to move around. 

Plastic mail totes come in various sizes and styles. Whether you want something small to keep on your desk or something larger to hold all your documents, there is a plastic mail tote for your needs.

Why Your Shipping is Sometimes the Last to Receive Budget

For many organizations, shipping is the lowest priority on a budget. Executives view the mailroom as an expense that does not generate revenue. As such, leadership often focuses more on improving other departments (like sales) which contribute directly to the bottom line.

Organizations commonly regard upgrading the shipping department as a non-essential expense. Thus, they consider mailroom upgrades as the last priority when preparing budgets.

The truth is, a well-funded shipping department is valuable. It ensures customers or employees receive parcels on time, improving satisfaction. Additionally, sustainable mailroom practices like using plastic totes improve a company’s reputation. Eco-conscious consumers prefer associating themselves with brands that mind their surroundings.

Rates of Handling Mail are Going Up

The rates for handling mail keep increasing by the day for three reasons. First, many people have turned to e-commerce as their preferred choice of shopping. In return, the high demand for shipping has increased delivery costs.

Second, the cost of living has been on an upward trend. For this reason, shipping companies charge high rates to compensate their employees. Without increasing shipping rates, delivery companies would struggle to maintain a satisfied workforce. 

Finally, fuel prices keep increasing by the day. Crude oil prices worldwide are increasing as the demand for oil keeps rising. Because of these three mitigating factors, shipping companies have had to increase their shipping rates. 

You Can Save Money Investing in Corrugated Plastic Mail Totes

Plastic mail totes have become a solution to these ever-increasing shipping rates. Not surprisingly, progressive organizations are already using them to sort and transport mail. Here are ways they help cut down mailroom costs:

They are Lightweight

Plastic totes are made from lightweight yet sturdy corrugated plastic. They are much lighter than traditional cardboard boxes. With the reduced weight, you can ship documents, mail, and other products at a lower cost.

This is because shipping companies charge based on weight. The lighter the package, the less it will cost to ship. The totes also reduce how much fuel is consumed by shipping vehicles. Shipping companies do not have to spend more when transporting the same quantity of parcels.

They are Rugged

Corrugated plastic withstands the rigors of shipping and mailing. On that account, your products will arrive at their destination in perfect condition. The plastic totes cut the cost of replacing damaged products.

They are Reusable

Made from durable corrugated plastic, plastic totes last for several years. For that reason, your company can reuse them many times and save on replacement costs. This also minimizes the waste generated through the shipping process. 

They are Cost Effective

Corrugated plastic totes are less costly than wooden crates or metal containers. The totes need less material to manufacture and are also cheaper to transport. Additionally, they can be stacked to reduce storage and handling costs.

That is not the only factor that makes plastic mail totes cost-effective. Their reusability eliminates the cost of purchasing new containers. You can save money in the long run by eliminating the cost of replacing low cost mail totes over and over again.

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