Many industries are feeling the pressure of trying to remain competitive with a reduced workforce.  Supply chains are being asked to review their practices and find solutions to becoming more efficient, while still producing and moving the same amount (or more) of product. Finding an option that reduces the amount of handling, without jeopardizing the safety of the employees and integrity of the product, is essential.  One solution is to store the products and supplies on pallets and move the merchandise by forklift.  But in order to do this efficiently and effectively, delicate packages must be safely protected.  One solution that enhances this ability are the straight wall totes.

What is a Straight Wall Tote?

Straight wall totes are stackable containers from Flexcon, designed to be efficient, easy to handle, and affordable.  They include reinforced sidewalls, ergonomic handles and a durable design that provides strong, efficient storage space for your products.   Strength and durability are important because they allow products to remain in the tote while being stacked.  Though durable, they are lightweight, reducing shipping costs. Damage is reduced because product is protected from crushing.  You will be able to palletize more products, while safely storing it in your facility.  

Straight wall totes come in an assortment of designs, with many features that make choosing them, a perfect fit for your company.  Using a straight wall tote allows you to use the same container throughout your supply chain, from manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, picking and sorting.  They are available to fit your custom needs such as those with drain holes, those that are vented, fire retardant, ESD, wheeled, dividable, and fiberglass.  Accessories include lids, dollies, placards, barcodes, Qr/RFID, dividers, dunnage, anti-slip, and bin cups.

Industries Where Straight Wall Containers Work

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of industries where straight wall totes work to minimize handling, increase storage efficiency, and reduce damage to products and packaging. 

Electronic Parts

This list touches on some of the primary industries that might well utilize these totes:


We’ve grouped these two industries together, knowing that they are totally different.  But there are similarities as well.  Both often deal in small parts and packages.  Many of the parts are delicate and need reinforced storage.  Storage can benefit from proper tote labeling and dividers will keep the product safe and accessible.  


Food and beverage manufacturing and warehousing rely on fast turn-around and the ability for stacking easily and safely.  Products in soft packaging can be protected from crushing and odd-sized packaging can be easily contained.  The ability to date the tote with reusable labels ensures proper stock rotation.  And the straight wall tote uses ergonomic handles and is lightweight for easy handling.


Use straight wall containers for easy and safe handling and containment of chemicals.  They can also be color coordinated to separate hazardous from non-hazardous materials.


Medical products can be sorted easily and securely in these totes.  Where items must remain intact within its packaging, straight wall stackable totes can protect items from damage.


Recycling centers or other industries that rely on sorting of products find that straight wall totes are essential for efficient and safe sorting and storage.  Being reusable and stackable is perfect for an industry that is based on recycling. 


Since many electronic components and devices have a high cost of goods, it is important not to suffer less or damage during packing, shipping, or storing.  The durability of the straight wall tote provides this protection.  

What is Your Industry?

This list, of course, is not all-inclusive but gives you the opportunity to see how straight wall totes could easily benefit your industry.  If you are looking for a product that is durable, stackable, safe, and low-cost, check out the straight wall tote.  Your storage space will be optimized and there will be less opportunity for product damage.  Because the totes are can be palletized, there is less risk for injury for your employees.  You can choose totes with lids, dividers, vented, with drainage, or a variety of other options that will make these totes perfect for your project.

Flexcon has the widest variety of sizes, styles and features, so you can be sure we have the perfect container to fit your needs.  If you need customization, we can do that too!  Ask about our custom molding and designs and how to get started today!