Plus 5 More Ways to Improve Efficiency and Streamline Services

Your business’ mailroom is a communications hub where letters, memos, circulars, notices, bills, packages, memoranda, and important parcels are received, sorted, and forwarded to the correct recipients. However, if the room is always cluttered, lacks automated systems, and doesn’t have clear operational policies, chances are that parcels get misplaced, recipients receive their packages late, and confidential mail stands vulnerable to breaches. Furthermore, not having sustainable and reusable postal totes made of corrugated plastic can be costly in the long run.

If the scenario above sounds like your mailroom, you might find the following simple hacks helpful in keeping your mailroom organized, secure, and less cluttered. Progressive corporations are already using these ideas to improve mailroom efficiency.

Keep the Mailroom Organized With Corrugated Plastic Postal Totes

Transforming your mailroom starts with organization. Keep the mailroom less cluttered, dispose of items you no longer use, group similar items together, and properly sort letters, packages, and bills, instead of mixing them up.

While there are several methods for organizing a mailroom, using nestable postal totes is the most affordable. The containers help you neatly sort and store parcels in the mailroom as they await delivery.

The postal totes corrugated plastic containers come in various colors to streamline storage. For instance, with the array of colors, you can keep received mail in a red container and outgoing mail in a yellow container.

Set Clear Mailroom Policies

A mailroom without policies is a mailroom without control. Therefore, if your organization’s mailroom has been running without clear policies, formulate rules to act as guidelines for the mailroom’s day-to-day operations.

At a minimum, your mailroom policies should:

  • Specify how your company handles mail and packages
  • Outline security procedures to follow before releasing a parcel
  • Set a threshold for mail or parcels that one can receive through your mailroom
  • Specify when one should pick up their mail or package
  • Outline the consequences of violating set policies

With clear procedures, you can reduce mail pile-ups, which make the mailroom look cluttered, and hinder security. Furthermore, mailroom policies help minimize the chances of handing over mail or packages to the wrong recipient.

Like any workplace policy, your mailroom policies should be clear enough for everyone to read and comprehend.

Ensure there is Enough Space in Your Mailroom

A few years back, mailrooms were designed for letters, documents, and small-size parcels. However, with the rise in online shopping, the mailroom handles additional items like large parcels that consume more space.

In addition, the mailroom houses advanced IT systems like computers used to keep records and storage equipment to help your organizations keep sensitive documents safe. The packages and equipment can hardly fit in smaller rooms.

So, if your mailroom looks cluttered, even after investing in postal totes corrugated plastic containers, move the mailroom to another room with ample space. The ideal room size would be one that holds letters, packages, and uncollected documents without looking cluttered.

Automate Manual Processes

Gone are the days when you had to sort, catalog, track, or even manually deliver mail and packages. Today, most of the mentioned manual processes are done by automated machines to cut costs and increase efficiency.

Therefore, if you haven’t automated your mailroom, now is a great time to consider doing so. Invest in automated machines that scan the shipping label to identify the recipient. Automated systems can then send emails to notify recipients that their parcel is ready for pickup.

Furthermore, automated systems can send pickup reminders, and when the package is delivered to the recipient, the computerized system takes the recipient’s pickup details for accountability and security purposes.

Moving beyond basic automation, some companies have chosen to invest in delivery robots to speed up delivery as well as recipient recognition systems to minimize delivery mistakes. There are endless ways you can automate your mailroom.

Outsource if Necessary

If you handle large volumes of parcels in a day and feel overwhelmed by the workload, outsource the mailroom services to third parties. Unlike you, third parties understand the ins and outs required to streamline mailroom operations.

These companies will organize your cluttered mailroom and install modern systems to streamline day-to-day operations. Reputable companies have skilled staff to handle every aspect of managing a mailroom.

Although outsourcing may seem unnecessary, it offers many benefits. First, outsourcing cuts down the cost of hiring more mailroom staff or buying modern equipment to enhance your mailroom’s efficiency.

Second, outsourcing frees up current employees, allowing you to assign them other essential responsibilities to improve bottom lines.

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