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The Benefits of Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is one of the areas that businesses should consider when considering long-term storage management solutions. Not long ago, the adoption of green was seen as an initiative meant for a few forward-thinking companies. However, sustainability has become a key area of focus for all organizations, given the threat that waste pollution poses to current and future generations.

Research indicates that more than a third of plastics produced globally go into package manufacturing, with 85% of this ending up in landfills. Therefore, sustainable practices are increasingly becoming important. This guide focuses on sustainable packaging with an emphasis on Flexcon products.

What Does Sustainability Mean?

Sustainability is the capacity of a business, activity, or product to continue over time at a certain level. It focuses on finding better, safer ways of making things while simultaneously solving problems. Beyond the much-quoted ideologies and platitudes, it looks for ways to make the most of your resources.

Regarding sustainable packaging, the aim is to source, develop, and utilize packaging solutions that result in a minimal environmental footprint. Things eventually wear out, and when they do, a solution is already in place repurpose or recycle.

What Are Some Examples of Sustainable Packaging?

In the current market, efforts have led to the introduction of numerous long-life packaging solutions for businesses that are proving successful in addressing the need. Examples include compostable, corrugated, recycled, cellulose, glassine, mushroom, cornstarch, kraft paper, and green cell foam packaging. All these options are environmentally friendly and can easily integrate into any business’s operations.

What Are the Advantages of Sustainable Packaging?

Today, sustainability has been central in industrial packaging processes. But, as companies gear toward the three pillars of sustainability, what benefits can they derive from sustainable packaging? We have put together a list of four main advantages.

  • Reduced carbon footprint: As has already been stated, sustainability aims to reduce the environmental footprint. Much pollution today comes from carbon dioxide, one of the main byproducts of manufacturing processes—the fewer the raw materials used in packaging manufacture, the less the carbon footprint.
  • Fewer environmental allergens and toxins: Another fact is that biodegradable packaging materials have fewer allergens and toxins than nonbiodegradable materials. Therefore, sustainable packaging can safeguard the global population’s health if there is a widespread shift to biodegradable products.
  • Fewer resources used: Green packaging also requires less energy to produce than traditional packaging materials. Therefore, there is less water usage, solid waste, energy usage, and emissions.
  • Increased sales: The reality is that more and more people are becoming concerned with sustainability. When an organization utilizes green packaging, there is enhanced brand awareness, leading to more revenue and profit margins in the long run.

Benefits of Sustainable Packaging From Flexcon

If you are thinking about green packaging, you should try sustainable packaging from Flexcon. The following are some benefits that you would derive by choosing Flexcon for your packaging needs:

  • Flexcon containers are sustainable since they are made from corrugated plastic. Corrugated plastic is not only sustainable but also maintains shape over time.
  • Flexcon products are reusable, recyclable, available in custom sizes, and developed with end-to-end solutions for your business. In addition, the products can break even in under ten trips!
  • Our products replace cardboard boxes. Traditional cardboard boxes were thicker, heavier, and not durable, but our corrugated plastic containers and systems are consistently more sustainable and durable while being affordable and reusable.
  • If your organization is looking for a closed loop system or ships medication and medical instruments, going with Flexcon products ensures that your products arrive safely and securely.
  • The packaging materials are also ideal for use within a plant or distribution center and easily circulate between multiple locations, suppliers, or customers.
  • We can help you reduce your distribution packaging costs by as much as 75%.
  • Auto lock bottom is available (no tape needed).
  • The corrugated plastic boxes are unaffected by moisture which helps keep their contents safer.
  • Users can also add an RFID tag, Velcro lock, or a low-profile Velcro lock. Other optional bottom and closure styles are available. In addition, you can engineer the boxes to work with existing or new systems.
  • Flexcon packaging materials are available in 50 standards and almost any custom size.

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