Corrugated plastic containers, bins, totes, boxes and trays possess many traits that make them the preferred option in every link of the supply chain. Wherever you put them to work, they’ll serve you with optimal efficiency and reliability.

These recyclable containers can be used for intra-facility shipping as well transport from one facility to another. They’re also at home in offices, warehouses, automated storage and retrieval systems and for work in-progress in manufacturing operations.Robot friendly postal totes

Following are the top 10 benefits of corrugated plastic boxes, bins and containers:

1. They’re long-lasting. Plastic corrugated containers stay on the job 30 to 50 times longer than corrugated cardboard containers.

2. They’re more cost-effective than the alternatives because of their staying power. You’ll save money, because with corrugated plastic bins and totes, you’ll be replacing containers much less often.

3. They’re good for the environment because corrugated plastic containers are recyclable containers. When they reach the end of their lifecycle, they’ll stay out of landfills, unlike other alternatives, and be returned to use as new products.

Postal tote4. They’re lightweight and durable. Their light weight makes them easier to handle. But they’re no lightweight when it comes to taking the common stresses of material handling.

5. Corrugated plastic containers offer the highest strength-to-weight ratio. They resist impact, moisture, corrosion, dust and dirt, and most chemicals. And the walls of these containers retain their shape even when fully loaded.

6. They’re available in a wide range of styles and can be made in any size to fit any material handling application you may have—for returnable containers, reusable transport packaging, warehousing, automated storage and retrieval systems, closed and open loop transit applications, pick and pack, and a wide range of functions on production floors.

postal totes7. They can be manufactured in a dozen colors.

8. Corrugated plastic totes, trays and containers are the choice of the U.S. Postal Service because of their long-proven record for durability through high-volume use.

9. They’re made of material that complies with FDA food storage regulations and are made to withstand a wide temperature range.

10. Plastic corrugated containers are space savers. They nest in one another when empty, between uses, saving valuable space. In carousels and other storage systems, reusable plastic containers maximize space usage, compared to competing container options that can waste 15 to 20 percent of shelf space.

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