When you’re choosing containers for material handling, corrugated plastic postal totes offer many advantages over the alternatives such as corrugated cardboard. Following are the top 10 reasons corrugated plastic mail totes and bins are your best choice:

1. Lightweight and strong. Plastic postal totes, bins, trays and containers offer the best strength-to-weight ratio, compared to other types of containers. With lighter weight, you reduce shipping costs. Yet, these containers are made strong to carry more. Welded seams and steel rod reinforcements provide plastic mail totes and tubs extra strength to manage heavy loads.

2. Long-lasting. Plastic mail totes stand up to the rigors of everyday use in about any environment—inter and intra office use, storage, warehouses, in transit, even manufacturing. They last 30 to 50 times longer than corrugated cardboard containers. And according to the U.S. Postal Service, corrugated plastic mail or postal containers last an average of seven to 10 years.

3. Lower cost per trip.  Because of their durability and exceptionally longer lifespan, plastic mail totes cost much less when you calculate their cost per trip. The initial cost may be more, but the cost dwindles in comparison as you spread it across the dozens of uses you get out of a plastic mail tote.

4. Nestable. Between uses, plastic mail totes help you save valuable space. That’s because like-sized postal totes are able to nest in one another.

mail tray5. Drainable. Plastic postal containers feature pitched drain holes. This design enables water to drain out, preventing a storage system from collapsing under the weight of water in the event that a sprinkler system is set off.  Your insurance provider may require this risk-lowering design feature.

6. Easy to clean. Not only that. They’re also resistant to dirt, moisture and grease, unlike the alternatives.

7. Easy to carry. Plastic mail containers are ergonomically designed with convenient hand holes that make them easy to carry.

8. Eco-friendly. Corrugated plastic mail containers are good for the environment, not only because they last longer than the alternatives. They’re also 100% recyclable. So when they come to the end of their lifecycle, they can be ground up and made into new reusable plastic containers, rather than going into a landfill.

9. Wide range of sizes and colors. Flexcon mail totes are available in 12 standard sizes and six colors. But you’re not limited to these options. Flexcon can custom design postal totes to any size and color you need for your applications.

10. Made in the USA. And corrugated plastic postal totes made by Flexcon offer yet another advantage: the quality that comes from being US made.

Contact a Flexcon sales representative today to learn about even more advantages of our corrugated plastic postal totes and to find the containers best suited to your specific needs.