As warehouse space becomes more expensive, the value of inventory management has never been more critical. The stockroom and the warehouse are gaining much-needed attention from company decision-makers. With supply chain problems and staffing shortages, the accuracy and availability of inventory are taking center stage. Corrugated plastic totes offer versatility and efficiency and are customizable for any business or organization.  

For more than 55 years, Flexcon has produced corrugated plastic totes for industries, offering durability and strength, all in lightweight styles to meet most needs. We can form our corrugated plastic into containers that offer a wide choice of styles, designs, and features to create a perfect product for most needs.  

What Is a Tote?

A tote is a container used for various industrial, commercial, and even personal purposes such as transporting, organizing, and storing. They are durable and lightweight, as well as versatile. Some are foldable, and some can hold liquids. They can be sized to fit into any shelving or racking system and usually the designs will quickly and ergonomically lift. Most totes have handles for easy lifting. Some have lids. All Flexcon’s corrugated plastic totes are reusable and customizable to work with an industry, its products, and its automated systems.

So Is a Tote a Container?

Totes are containers in the same way that bins, cases, and boxes are containers. They will transport or store liquid, semi-solids, or solids of all sizes. Some people may also refer to totes as plastic cases or bulk bins.  

What Is the Difference Between a Tote and a Bin?

Both bins and totes are containers and work for storage and transport. Totes are usually box-type products that may or may not collapse when not in use. Totes’ designs can have hinged lids and often have hand holes for easy lifting. Whatever sizes and shapes an operation needs, totes work well in many industries. They can be stackable, collapsible, and offer options for shipping and storage within the same container.   

Bins are an excellent option for accessing small parts or ingredients without taking the bin off the shelf or rack. Bins usually have one side shorter than the other three. The shorter side makes it possible to access the contents of a bin without removing it from its storage location.  

At Flexcon, our bins and totes are customizable to fit your shelving or racks for your manual or automated inventory or picking system. Depending on the designated use, some handle heavy loads, liquid storage, or temperature-controlled storage. They are reusable, easy to insulate, and easy to clean.  

What Are the Applications for Corrugated Plastic Totes?

When choosing corrugated plastic totes, it’s important to consider the use, the size, the load, and the frequency of use. A company should also consider any storage or transportation constraints; food, liquids, or corrosive materials use; and if necessary, the tote is collapsible for easy storage. The resin material we use for corrugated plastic totes can be electro-static discharge safe and fire retardant. Some industries include:

  • Food.
  • Automotive.
  • Electronics.
  • Agriculture.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Consumer goods.
  • Warehousing.
  • And others.


For some businesses, their applications are unique, and some components need customizing. Our experts are here to help design the corrugated plastic tote that meets those needs. Corrugated plastic totes from Flexcon adapt well to many uses because of its durability and lightweight composition. Please let us know the specific needs, and we can tailor the perfect tote. Not only are customized containers made to a unique size, but we can also offer an assortment of colors, recycling, and the option for folding or collapsing.

We can also offer accessories that make your corrugated plastic totes more useful. We can customize these, too, to your needs. 


  • Bail bars.
  • Placards.
  • Dunnage.
  • Barcodes.
  • Dollies.
  • Bottom pads.
  • QR/RFID.
  • Printing.
  • Easy to grip handles.
  • Lids.
  • Plates.

Corrugated Plastic Totes from Postal Totes

Every industry on the planet uses corrugated plastic totes. They are durable, versatile, and reusable. Flexcon can customize them to meet your storage, shipping, or manufacturing needs. 

  • They come in different sizes, shapes, or colors. 
  • They handle moisture and temperature variations and can be food-grade or recyclable. 
  • They can be collapsible or stackable, saving precious warehouse space. They are lightweight for easy lifting and shipping. 

They are sturdy enough to protect your raw materials or finished goods at any stage of the supply chain. 

Corrugated plastic totes from Postal Totes are easy to clean and save money because they can be reused.  

Is a company installing a new automated inventory system? Considering robotics on the pick line but are unsure whether current storage is adequate? Or maybe just revamping an existing system. Whatever stage a company is in, when it comes to storage and logistics, Flexcon is here to help. Flexcon not only offers solutions for every material handling need, but we also offer the highest level of customer service in the industry. Our experts can answer your questions and talk with you about your plans and your needs. Give us a call at (908) 324-5283 or request a quote online.