The United States Postal Service (USPS) has chosen to close its Corporate Accounts program (USPSCA) along with its loyalty points and credits system. Because of this, implementing in-house mailing operations has become more vital now than ever. Corrugated plastic mail totes are essential tools to help businesses meet the demand of shipping and receiving parcels. What makes these totes so beneficial for in-house mailrooms? To understand this fully, an operation must first define what certain terms mean to them.

What Are These Containers Called?

Mail containers can be called many different things depending on how they are utilized. They are similar to postal bins yet differ in specific functions. Here are the most common terms for these types of containers:

Postal Totes

This term describes the containers that are used in post offices and other similar facilities. Post offices use these totes to collect mail from various locations. Mail is then brought back for sorting and redistribution to the correct destinations.

Mail Totes

The term ‘mail totes’ is often used in offices, warehouses, and other businesses where incoming and outgoing mail is collected and dispersed. Mail totes is a term that is associated with in-house mailrooms and systems. An additional benefit to these totes is that companies can place their logos on the boxes.

Unlike postal bins, mail totes can be used for transporting mail that has been collected and organized.

Is There a Difference between a Tote and a Bin?

Yes, there are several differences between mail totes and bins. Here is a comparison of the features common for both:

  • Postal Bins: These receptacles are larger when compared with totes. The bins are used to collect incoming mail or packages. They usually stay stationary until mail can be sorted out at a later time. Many of these containers have an open-top section for easy access.
  • Mail Totes: Mail totes are containers that can be used to move mail around an office or work area often resembling a tray. Once parcels are in the postal bin, they can be separated and divided into various totes for appropriate distribution throughout a facility. These containers often come with handles and can sometimes be folded up and stored away.

When used together, postal totes and bins help create an optimal system for sending mail throughout a business efficiently and effectively!

What Sizes Do Mail Totes Come In?

Mail totes come in varying sizes. Companies can get containers as small as 19″x17″x13″ in dimension, while larger sizes could range up to 16″x13″x10″. Postal totes were originally made to be about 18″ in length, 14″ in width, and 12″ in height. Today, they come in sizes that work with the unique needs of the industry using them.

What to Look for When Researching a Mail Tote System

For mail totes to work beneficially for any facility, several elements need to be assessed. Here are some crucial factors to consider when choosing to implement a mailroom system:

What Items Will the Containers Hold?

The first thing to think about is, what type of packages, mail, and parcels will be coming in and out of your operations on a regular basis. Larger companies, including warehouses, might want to consider a variety of small and large containers. Small companies, such as jewelry and repair shops, may need smaller postal totes for intricate pieces that require better handling.

Associated Costs

Besides the initial expense, different factors impact the return on investment businesses see by using mail totes. Here are a few cost effectiveness factors to consider:

  • How long will the totes be in use?
  • What is the mail or parcel count?
  • What conditions will the totes be used in every day?

With the right containers and systems in place, mail totes can maintain and possibly speed up your workflow!

How Mail Totes Will Move throughout the Facility

Another consideration for companies to plan for is how these bins will move around the workplace. Figuring out which locations will require mail pickups and drop offs can prevent issues from occurring.

Sustainability Factors

Ensuring that the totes are made with reusable materials can help operations run at an optimal level. Finding a place for materials like reusable plastics in your operation can save you time and money.

These points can help companies better determine their own business needs.

How Do I Get a USPS Mail Tote?

Most USPS totes can be purchased online. Flexcon offers a variety of postal totes for various shipping and receiving requirements. The process is simple: 

  1. Go to our website and click on the containers you want. 
  2. Answer a few questions about the totes you need quoted.
  3. Once submitted, our team will reach out to you to confirm the details.

Our company helps businesses choose the right mail totes for their new or already-established systems. We’ll work with you and provide information on mail totes that can benefit any mailroom’s business operations. Contact us today to get started.