Supply chain trays and totes are some of the most widely used containers to ship goods of all shapes and sizes across various locations. However, conventional trays may not meet your needs, especially when you want to maximize space and save costs when transporting uniquely shaped or oversized goods. This is where the shipping flat nesting trays come in.

Shipping flat nesting containers are arguably one of the most versatile containers that allow you to ship both standard and unique goods conveniently and cost-effectively. Flexcon provides quality, low-cost ship flat containers and trays ideal for all your material handling needs, whether moving goods, storage space, sorting/picking, or ASRS systems.

What Are Shipping Flat Nesting Trays?

Shipping flat nesting trays are containers that stack with or without optional lids and nest when empty to preserve space. They are made of robust, high-density, industrial-grade polymers that resist corrosion and rust. These containers can hold a range of tools, materials, assembled goods, and more.

Which Industries Use Nesting Tray Flat Containers?

Various industries use nesting tray flat containers for their day-to-day operations. These include operations that need to store and circulate materials between locations. Some industries you will find flat containers used are Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Medical, Food & Beverage, Precious Metals, Machinery, Ecommerce, Electronics (ESD compliant), Labs, Government, Hospitals, and Hospitality. 

Are Nesting Tray Flat Shipping Containers Good?

Yes, nesting tray flat shipping containers are ideal for companies that need practical solutions to safely ship products or materials. They protect goods being shipped and offer several cost savings and environmental benefits. The following are some of the reasons to use Flexcon’s nesting tray flat shipping containers:

  • Space and cost savings: These low-cost ship flat containers provide ample space you need to ship your goods while taking up little room when nested or collapsed. This makes your facility more efficient to run while saving you money in storage and transport costs.
  • Guaranteed durability: These trays are high-quality polypropylene or HDPE plastic that is rugged and resilient to elements and chemicals. They are also waterproof and can’t corrode, weaken, or decompose with time.
  • Sustainability benefits: Nesting tray shipping containers from Flexcon are made from eco-friendly polypropylene materials that are highly recyclable at the end of their lifespan. They also don’t release greenhouse gasses when subjected to extreme temperatures to help reduce your carbon footprint and boost your sustainability efforts.
  • Available in various styles and sizes: Flexcon provides a wide variety of nestable shipping flat containers to ensure you get what you need for your project or new installation. Custom sizes and styles are available to help you save money by optimizing your custom conveyors, shelving, and operations.
  • Customization: Our containers boast various features, styles, and accessories for ease of customization. Some of the common styles include solid, vented, fire retardant, drain holes, ESD, hopper front, textured bottom, and corrugated plastic. You can also hot stamp our trays with your logo and other signage to help market your brand.
  • Accessories: The trays have various accessories to help you streamline your material handling processes. Accessories include dollies, bottom pads/plates, QR codes, lids, placards, labels, RFID, bail bars, easy grip handles (for corrugated plastic totes), and dunnage.
  • Collapsible: They are collapsible and you can return them to manufacturers for reuse at a very low shipping cost.

How Reuse Is Becoming a Standard in the Shipping Industry

The shipping industry is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) that drive global warming and climate change. The shipping industry is now turning to reusable trays and totes to save costs and reduce their carbon footprint by up to 60%. The following are some of the economic and environmental benefits of reusable containers such as nesting tray flat totes: 

Environmental Benefit

Reuse is a viable approach for supporting a company’s sustainability goals. Reusable shipping trays and totes can help reduce waste disposal, manufacturing, and handling costs. This translates to increased conservation of resources and reduced pollution, including greenhouse gasses. A recent Environmental Protection Agency study reveals reusable packaging requires 39% less total energy while producing 95% less solid waste and generating 29% less total greenhouse gas emissions. In many supply chain applications, reusable shipping containers provide the following positive environmental benefits:

  • Reduced solid wastes: A single reusable shipping container reduces waste by 86% by eliminating the need to use single-use containers. Plus, at the end of their lifespan, the plastic recycles to be used in making other products.
  • Energy savings: The energy typically used to manufacture reusable containers is much lower than the energy needed to manufacture and recycle single-use containers.

Cost Reductions

Reusable shipping containers offer a lot of cost reductions for businesses. Ideally, the longer useful life of a reusable container translates into reduced packaging material costs per trip. Besides, nesting tray flat shipping containers from Flexcon guarantees you less waste to manage, ultimately translating to reduce recycling or disposal costs. Although they may initially cost more to purchase, these costs can be spread over many years to guarantee a return on investment. 

Reduced Inventory and Delivery Time

Nesting tray ship flat containers are available in varied sizes and styles, including custom. These options allow you to optimize your operations and improve inventory tracking and ordering capabilities while reducing errors. It allows for more frequent shipments of smaller quantities to help reduce the number of inventory and delivery days.

Reduced Risks

This type of packaging is built to last. These containers are made of durable materials to securely protect your goods and products. Mitigating the damage to goods reduces risk. Undoubtedly, traditional shipping trays and totes made of cardboard are flimsy and don’t protect your goods adequately. This can result in reduced shelf life and a higher risk of damage from rough handling.

Contact Flexcon for Custom Nesting Tray Shipping Flat Containers

The appropriate containers for your application will help optimize your operations, save costs, and gain sustainability benefits. Flexcon provides custom nesting tray shipping flat containers designed with your specific needs in mind. We provide highly modular, stackable, and lightweight shipping containers to save space, reduce your transportation costs and optimize your sustainability efforts. Our experts are ready to take your custom request and dealer inquiries. Contact our friendly material-handling experts to start on your project today.